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What is a Pestemal?

 What is a Pestemal? 

This 100% Turkish cotton textile has been around since the 14th century. The word Pestemal translates to bath towel. It was often used for the ceremonial bath by the bride before her wedding. Pestemal sets were draped over the head, shoulders, and body to provide privacy. According to history, the Pestemals would have remained simple bath towels if the Ottomans had not come along. The Ottomans were quite skilled in carpet weaving in the 17th century. They introduced the concept of style and design into Turkish towels.

Gradually, the appreciation for the unique designs grew so much that the towels were no longer just used for hammam (Turkish bath) purposes. It soon became an item of fashion and style. Pestemals make fabulous wraps, shawls, halters, sarongs, blankets, tablecloths, wall art, and of course, bath and beach towels.

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